About Us

We make Authentic Kimchi,
Authentic Natural Kimchi.

More than this, our products are made in the same way Korean people have done for generations, by Korean people, to traditional Korean recipes. We are passionate about proper kimchi, and all that we do in the manufacturing of our product means that we deliver your kimchi as nature intended, Fresh, and Natural. Our products are Rich, Flavoursome, and good for you. We pride ourselves on extreme high quality of both our standards and products.

Why Korean Made?

Kimchi was invented in Korea, and the vast benefits of authentic kimchi have been enjoyed by Korean people for generations.
This heritage is imperative to ensuring what we deliver you is the very best kimchi possible.

True to our roots, kimchi at its best.

Why Roots of Kimchi?

The perfect partnering of Korean heritage and modern British production. Authentic family recipes recreated in small batches, made by Korean people, and delivering a taste experience unbeknown to the UK until now.
With Korean and English founders, we deliver the best of both authenticity and British production.

Why Made in the UK?

We believe that our customers want to know where their food comes from.

Our products are made using traditional Korean family recipes in our UK kitchens where we uphold the most stringent food safety regulations.

The natural health benefits of Kimchi

HEALTHY & Delicious

amongst health enthusiasts is becoming increasingly known in the UK, and thus Roots of Kimchi combines authentic product and British confidence. You can read more About Kimchi here.

Dont Just Take Our WOrd For it

We regularly consult experts in the health field, and are delighted to work with Julia Davies Nutrition on a regular basis. Keep an eye out for our blog as Julia gives us insights into the world of functional medicine and the wonders of Kimchi products!

What people say

A salty and assertive blend, with nice spice and some serious bite.


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